One Breath

Charlie – the Riverman – Bergeron
Charlie is a wonderful soul  who chose to experience life with its many challenges.  Then a profound life experience and resulting nde awakens and he expresses messages from spirit in poetic form under the soul signature of the Riverman.
One such message of oneness is expressed in the poem – One breath
O Divine
breath of Love
fill us with grace,
WE are breathing
each breath
in you,
with you
and around you
One before breath,
now One in breath,
One LOve
~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9/2011

Oneness and the Peaceful Revolution

I have been blessed to have Sharon Pitt as both a friend/supporter and wonderfully creative designer who takes my ideas and makes them manifest on the internet.  She has emerged into her own Soul Light and now is finally expressing her passion for coming into Unity.  Her article expresses her passion in this subject and creates a fire of transformation in others. Many Blessings Sharon and keep your Soul Light shining now.  A truly wonderful expression of who you are — Allayah


OK, so some of you will think that maybe I have lost the plot. I sincerely hope I have. I don’t like the plot…

I look around and increasingly I am seeing more and more anger and frustration… our planet is being ripped apart piece by piece and it’s time it stopped. It’s time we stepped back and looked at why we are so angry and frustrated. In short, it’s time for a Peaceful Revolution.

I don’t care what colour your skin is.
I embrace you, I love you. You are my equal.
I don’t care what religion you follow.
I embrace you. I love you. You are my equal.
I don’t care what gender you are.
I embrace you. I love you. You are my equal.
I don’t care what nationality you are.
I embrace you. I love you. You are my equal.
I don’t care how wealthy you are.
I embrace you. I love you. You are my equal.

I have no doubt that I have left other equally important things out of this list but you get the point I am trying to make, right? We should be embracing one another for who we are, not trying to force our beliefs on others. We should be respecting that everyone has a Right to believe in what they wish and we should respect that Right. We should be looking at what connects us, not what divides us. We should be rejoicing in one another’s individuality not trying to turn everyone into compliant little clones. This is not the way forward, this is not Unity, this is control.

Divide and Conquer

Definition: in politics, sociology and economics, a strategy to gain or maintain power.

If you look around you, it’s everywhere. The politicians, the monarchies, the media, those who are making decisions for the rest of us and forcing those decisions on us. Keep everyone busy fighting amongst themselves leaving the field wide open for the politicians and rulers to do what they want. I don’t want to be told who to worship. I don’t want to be told how much I should weigh. I don’t want to be told who to love. I don’t want to be told what I can’t do. No one single person has the Right to inflict their beliefs onto another. We are individuals, we have a brain, we can think for ourselves… but increasingly even this Right to think for ourselves is slowly being stripped away from us.


The definition of oneness, the quality of being united into one; unity of thought, feeling, aim, etc.; harmony; concord; the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

Peaceful Revolution

The way I see it is a Revolution is coming. Now that Revolution could ultimately turn into the mother of all wars or it could go down in history as a Peaceful Revolution. For example, increasingly in the UK, people are becoming concerned about the levels of immigration and it is showing by the way that people are treating one another. Frustration is a boiling pot, before you know it, it turns to anger and anger in turn can lead to conflict, retaliation, war. Don’t take your frustrations out on the immigrants… direct your energy towards those that have allowed this to get out of control. Don’t take your frustrations out on those who milk the benefits system…. direct your energy towards those that have allowed this to happen. Don’t take your frustrations out on those who pay no tax…. direct your energy on those that have allowed this to happen.

These people you are angry with… look at them, they are Hu-man Be-ings, just like you. It is not their fault. They are not personally responsible for your frustration. They are Individuals who are just as entitled to living their lives as you are, do not take out your anger on them.

Notice I have written, direct your ENERGY… it’s time to stand up and let your voice be heard. I would be incredibly naive if I thought that one person could do this… but United, what starts as a whisper can turn into a global scream. I would also be naive if I thought this will happen overnight… it will take time… but United, what starts as a ripple can turn into a tsunami.

This is where Oneness truly comes into its own. As One we CAN make a change. As One we can still retain what makes every single one of us unique. Some of you reading this will no doubt be thinking, what difference can we truly make? You only have to look around you… every day people are standing up against corporate greed, cruelty, oppression, violence. And they are doing is PEACEFULLY. They are speaking out, no longer afraid… petitions, demonstrations, blogs, social media posts… and changes ARE happening.

We owe this to not only our children and future generations but we owe it to ourselves… conflict, violence, greed…. all these things CAN become our Past not our Future, if we truly want it and are prepared to stand as One.

We all share one thing in common… we are all Hu-man.

John Lennon probably said it best… Give Peace a Chance. What do we have to lose? From where I am standing, we actually have everything to gain.

If you have reached the end of this article, I thank you for listening. So have I lost the plot? I’ll let you decide…

May you walk in Unity, Harmony & Balance…


We are ALL Somebodys Children

Since the article was posted in 2004, we have faced such tragedies of wars and hate crimes. We have all grown in our spiritual natures and it is time to come together as one — for we are all both unique expressions of our spirits and yet we are all aligned to oneness through our connection to Source of all. Time to remember to be kind to all, no matter what Path we express in this world. We are all the children on the Divine Mother’s energies on Mother Earth.



As I was guided to look at a message back in 2004.

A valued friend Lucille Falcone helped me to put together a webpage that traveled throughout the world. Its message is still so important to remember the we ALL are someones children — ALL life — and until we can get this into our minds and heads and see each other as we truly are there will always be violence and separatism. Until we collectively reach the point where we can see and feel and speak and act through our hearts, we have a long road ahead of us.  The good news is that, there is a core movement of many who are reaching out by following their hearts, so the process has begun.As you read the following excerpt, please realize this message can relate to any challenge faced today.

This is a page created in 2004 that has traveled world-wide — Russia and Turkey list viewers.
Please take a moment to read this entire page, and focus on White Tara’s image above for the wellbeing of all the children serving in Iraq, and those destined to go there. We invite all to take part in this effort, and to circulate this picture and the description of intent and focus as it is found on this page. What cannot be done by one person alone is sure to be accomplished by the voice and prayers of many.

It only takes a moment to realize what it would mean for it to be your own son or daughter heading for a combat zone. This feeling is not exclusively held by American, French, and British parents, it is held by every nationality, including the parents of the Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, North and South Korean, and Saudi children, and so forth.

White Tara , Her age is timeless, her message to us today is priceless.

Very recently, White Tara’s caretaker, Linda/Allaya Frisch, found the first focus for energy in this situation. It was the beheading of Paul Johnson by Al-Qaeda that reached her in so many ways. At the same time, a member of Skullpatch related that her son will be going overseas in preparation for deployment in Iraq sometime next year. Linda came to the realization that every person in Iraq, is somebody’s baby. The worry and stress of one parent – be it a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Pagan, Atheist – is all the same.

And so are the prayers and hopes for safety and an end to this situation that will not cost anymore lives. Together we have come up with a formula to unite all of these prayers and wishes into one strong voice, firm and resolute intent to end the situation in Iraq, in such a way that all involved can make it back to their families safe, sound, and alive. The instinct to keep safe the children – something born of love and rises above national and personal ego/greed driven goals.

In correspondence, Linda/Allaya has often described the two Quan Yin surrounding White Tara as holding the energies of a mother’s love and compassion for this world and all life. Thus, the energies of mothers and fathers all over who pray for their sons and daughters is united with these three figures that hold an energy as old as time itself. It is a love that requires no religion, because it is ingrained in each person to want all the best for their children – the ones that will carry their own light and memory forward after they are gone.

I put this modified quote (changes denoted by [ ]) here from Linda/Allaya
“When I read [about your son] — it touched my heart and it is so true — The death of Paul Johnson–was finally the last straw for me personally — it made me realize I had to do something no matter how small — just something. Your personal story made me realize I should be more focused in my intentions — we bring our children into the world out of an act of love and divinity — all the worlds children — creations of light — no matter what age should NOT be subject to violence and the parents of the world should not have to experience tragedy.

The grid I have composed at home with the White Tara and Quan Yins — I will place a written intention for the children and the families of the world — may their world be safe and lives filled with Light and Love.

Any who wish may print this picture out to set their own intentions and prayers under — I am sure these ancients of Compassion will hear them.

May your lives be filled with light

I would like to reinforce the message by a song sung by Whitney Houston “Greatest Love Of All”

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be. Everybody’s searching for a hero. People need someone to look up to. I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs. A lonely place to be. So I learned to depend on me. [Chorus:] I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows. If I fail, if I succeed. At least I’ll live as I believe. No matter what they take from me. They can’t take away my dignity. Because the greatest love of all Is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all Inside of me. The greatest love of all Is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself It is the greatest love of all. I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be. [Chorus] And if, by chance, that special place. That you’ve been dreaming of. Leads you to a lonely place. Find your strength in love.


Awakening to the Crystal Skull

As I share my journey into awareness, I would like to discuss the crystal skulls. Fifteen years ago, I did not have a clue as to what a crystal skull was. I did not know the term, or the history of such. After my life altering experience with my brain tumor and nde–something was awakened in me–or at least brought to my consciousness again. Since the computer was part of my rehabilitation of helping me focus and coordinate my motor skills to brain commands, I decided to go exploring about the crystal world. I found such a fascination learning about the crystal consciousness and their many forms and metaphysical properties. A whole new world opened up to me. I joined many discussion groups and devoured the fascinating information. One day, the subject of crystal skulls was brought up. I saw pictures and felt very uneasy. So I ignored the subject, but yet I found myself coming back to the discussion going on, trying to understand why people were so excited and drawn to these crystal thought forms. I originally found the crystal skulls frightening and had no clue what all the excitement was about them. Then I started to research the history and my interest grew. When I was relearning about crystals, I found I had a fascination about ancient chinese culture and ancient Jade. Now where this came from, I did not know, but it was an unfolding awareness of past lives. I made a sudden decision, if I had – and I stress the word had – as by now I am feeling obsessed about getting a crystal skull. It needed to be jade. So I asked the forum leader where do I get a jade skull and they pointed me to ebay. So my first computer experience was on ebay looking for a jade skull. I was drawn to I know now as a popular site and wanted to purchase a small polar jade from Canada. Well, by universal design, that one was sold and the seller said they had a larger one — with a far larger cost. They sent a picture. I was hooked — the picture of the jade would not leave my mind, thus I gave in eventually – spending far more than I would ever imagine. When she arrived, I opened the box, and looked at the jade skull and thought, my heavens what did I do. I had a far too expensive piece in my hands and I had no clue what I was to do with it. Then I heard – call me jade and do not worry dear one. I thought great – now I am hearing things. All in all very scary. I placed her in another room and thought — well this was a expensive lesson on my part. I did my best not to think about her for weeks.

Then I found myself dreaming about the one called Jade. She gave me instructions in dreamtime, to gather certain amounts of particular crystal types to form a specific grid. I had no clue what I was doing but felt it needed to be done. So I found myself on the search for crystals. When this was accomplished I was shown in dreamtime a specific geometry to create — the star of david and to place the jade in center and to connect all lines with a quartz lazer wand. Realize I had no clue what I was doing and I was following a voice/guidance in my head. At this pont I was concerned about my sanity. From what I understand now, I created a energetic portal of sorts and synchronicities opened up and My journey with the timeless skulls began.

I share this, purely as many new to crystal skulls are often drawn to get skulls and really do not know what to do after. My personal experience may be extreme, but I want to stress the crystal skulls are energetic tools of awareness. They help you reconnect to your light. it is a personal journey. I stress this as you should not become followers – thinking everyone has the answers. The answers are within you and the crystals energies help you reconnect. For what Purpose, well first to help you find your light and also as you find the sense of oneness and source of all, to reach out to all life forms on this planet in an act of heart openness oneness. As our actions, are important to our self development and to the world we live in. The crystal tools in all their many forms aid us in this journey of awareness. not place anyone above you or below you. In front of you or behind you… All is energy and we are all one.

You are all beautiful light beings, remembering and working through the soul challenges of spiritual growth. The crystal consciousness is a energy form that cocreates with us. Treat it and yourself with respect and find your path of service to humanity and all life with its help.

Many blessings on your journey beautiful hearts
one heart allaya